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Adept Manpower is a one-stop integrated HR services in Singapore providing recruitment, HR consultancy, immigration consultancy and payroll outsourcing.

About Adept manpower

Adept Manpower Pte Ltd was established since 2008 and we are one of the unique recruitment agency that provides various HR services in Singapore. Firstly, our mission in Adept is to help empower businesses by delivering these businesses with a suite of holistic solutions on all their HR needs. Secondly, In Adept Manpower, we understand that many business owners are facing the hassle of getting services from many different vendors. In conclusion, we hope that with our knowledge and vast services provided we can help our clients to overcome the future economic challenges.

“We are not just another Agency”. In Adept Manpower, being a one-stop recruitment agency, we are committed to delivering on our promise. For us, there is no one – off engagement. We want to foster a long term business relationships with you by being earnest and sincere in our services.

In this ever challenging business climate, Adept Manpower blends innovative HR solutions with operational rigor, to deliver impacting business results.

At Adept, we differentiate our services through our unique 360 degree approach to address your every HR needs. What we can provide here are services such as recruitment, HR consultancy, payroll outsourcing and immigration consultancy. We understand that there is no “one size fits all” solution to them. We genuinely believe in listening to your requirements first before customising effective and ethical solutions.


In recruitment, we have both foreign recruitment and local recruitment services.

Our foreign recruitment are hiring of overseas candidates from countries including China, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Bangladeshi and etc. We processes work passes such as work permit (WP), Special Pass (SP), Employment Pass (EP) and etc.

On the other hand, for our local recruitment we help to hire Singaporean and Singapore permanent residents (SPR) for jobs mainly for Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMET).

HR Consultancy

In Adept Manpower, we help companies to enhance their human capital capabilities by providing HR consultancy. Some examples of HR consultancy can be related to employee handbook, employment contract, HR policies, succession planning, employee grievance handling and etc.

Payroll Outsourcing

We provide personalized payroll outsourcing services helping business owners to eliminate financial and administrative burdens associated with in-house payroll processes. Adept manages end to end payroll administration which include salary and benefits tabulation, ensuring statutory compliance, e-payslips and leave management.

Immigration Consultancy

In Adept, we help facilitate candidates to migrate to other countries through our immigration consultancy. Our professional consultants will assist to screen through the profile to determine the success rate. In Singapore, we have assisted many candidates to successfully obtained their Singapore PR status.

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