Why choose Adept Manpower (APAC) as your Recruitment Agency

Given the positioning of Singapore in the world economy where many multinational and small medium enterprises (SMEs) companies are based as the head quarters of ASEAN offices. There is actually a need for many companies to reach out to the differently skilled personnel in order to establish their company base as well as the company directions. This is where recruitment comes in.


A recruitment agency bridges the gaps between the demands of companies as well as the regulatory government demands. How so?


Recruitment in Singapore is not just about the placement of the candidates to the companies. There is a world of knowledge in recruitment itself, starting from the familiarity with the Ministry of Manpower regulations on the Employment Act, which serves as a the main labor law for local recruitment, not to mention the coverage of the legislation for the Foreign employees holding a work pass by the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, which outlines an employer’s responsibilities and obligations for employing foreigners.


People may have the misconception that there is no need for recruiters to be sourcing for candidates for companies in this technologically advanced age where there are multiple platforms, where companies are able to reach out to masses. However, one may not put have considered the effort required to successful source for each individual suitable candidate with the right fit for the right organization, not to mention that this right fit has to be in alignment with the legislative requirements for the company or organization.


Given the different quota requirements in different sectors, given the different legislative contributions towards the CPF (Central Provident Fund) and also towards IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore), and not to mention, the adherence requirement to the Employment Act, one can only hazard a guess at the magnitude of tasks that the HR (Human Resource) Personnel had to take on.


This is where by outsourcing the function of recruitment outwards to us, Adept Manpower Resources, the companies and organizations themselves, will be able to strategize their key plans to efficiently achieve increased market share as well as to look into the different areas that may be related to the overall organization strategy, to achieve consistency in staying on top of changes in Singapore, especially important for businesses.

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