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Foreign Employment Process

To be one of the top Malaysian employment agency in Singapore, Adept Manpower have developed a methodology in foreign employment process to hire smart. This methodology also applies to other nationalities such as PRC , India , Bangladeshi , Vietnam , Myanmar and etc.


Adept Methodology

Pertaining to Adept Manpower methodology, firstly we are very stringent in the selection process for our foreign candidates. Secondly, we are committed to provide our clients with Total Customer Satisfaction and excellence in service by understanding their needs so as to serve them better. In additional to our strict recruiting protocols, we also help to administer all work passes such as WORK PERMIT (WP), SPECIAL PASS (SP) and EMPLOYMENT PASS (EP) for all foreign candidates that require a work pass in Singapore.

  • Initial

    • Receives order request from clients
    • Subsequently, understanding the requirements and expectations for the project.
    • After that review the orders and proceed with candidate search
  • Selection

    • Firstly screen and per-select candidates based on client’s requirements
    • Secondly, pre-qualify their abilities through languages, knowledge, skills and qualifications
    • Lastly, conduct joint interview with the clients ( Face to face / webcam / overseas )
  • Local Compliance

    • Application / Renewal of work passes (WP/SP/EP)
    • Pre/Post-on-board medical screening
    • Arrangement for pass issuance (thumb-printing) and creating local bank account
  • Orientaion & Accomodation

    • Airport pick up and arrange accommodation matters
    • 1 day orientation program on culture, employment contract, Singapore laws and transportation
    • Arrange courses such as driving license, CGM, CSOC, MSOC, OPSOCm SSIC, WIP, WSQ and etc
  • Close Monitoring

    • On-site supervision, motivating,counseling and feedback
    • Address update, contact update and movement update
    • Involvement in settling worker’s issues, providing counseling and worker’s repatriation
  • Addtional Services

    • Application and renewal of WP/SP/EP for Adept and Non-Adept workers*
    • Handling dispute and repatriation for Adept and Non-Adept workers*
    • Assist in any MOM matters, MYE, BCA, ASPRI, Factory licensing, Security Bonds and any other matters*