Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) Application

In Adept Manpower, our professionals can assist to screen and assess your profile yo determine your PR success rate! We will guide you through every single step so you will be at ease with the PR application process! Adept Manpower aims to deliver a smooth and hassle-free PR application should you fulfil the required eligibility to apply for a SPR.


If you are a foreigner and if you want to be a SPR, the following are the eligibility criteria to apply for permanent residence:

  • Spouse of a Singapore citizen (SC) or SPR
  • Unmarried child aged below 21 born within the context of a legal marriage to, or have been legally adopted by, a SC or PR
  • Aged parent of a SC
  • Holder of an Employment Pass or S Pass
  • Student studying in Singapore
  • Foreign investor in Singapore.

For all SPR applications, the authority will take into account factors such as the individual’s family ties to Singaporeans, economic contributions, qualifications, age, family profile and length of residency. This is to assess the applicant’s ability to contribute to Singapore and integrate into our society, as well as his or her commitment to sinking their roots in Singapore.

Processing Time

The general processing time for permanent residence applications submitted with the correct documentation is between four to six months. Some applications may take longer to process.

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