Do you know?
One out of three businesses pays a penalty for payroll matters such as

  • Errors or miscalculations for CPF contributions, FWL and SDL etc.
  • Late or no submission of IR8A/IR21 etc.
  • Penalty or warning from other statutory boards 

Why three out of five businesses outsource their payroll?

  • To avoid complexity, confusion and disruption to the payroll operations 
  • Time savings by focusing on core functions and removing non-core functions
  • Turn fixed payroll costs into variable costs, leading to cost savings
  • Employees are paid on time
  • Employee records are kept confidential and well-maintained
  • Low processing fees
  • No setup/implementation fees
  • Flexible and customized plans to fit individual needs
  • Full statutory compliance with local legislation
  • Increased accuracy and timely payroll processing
  • A reliable and knowledgeable partner.

Adept’s personalized payroll outsourcing services provide businesses with a dependable alternative to on-site payroll processing. Business owners can now eliminate financial and administrative burdens associated with in-house payroll processes. You could end up dealing with legal issues for any mistakes with taxes or non-compliance for payroll.

Adept manages end-to-end payroll administration which include salary and benefits tabulation, ensuring statutory compliance, e-payslips and leave management. We also provide additional support in areas such as work pass applications, employee relations and recruitment.

Adept specialises in customised payroll management services for small to large businesses.

We help businesses to optimise efficiencies by creating a hand-in-glove payroll management service that saves time, attention, and money.

The Process

  • Automation of payroll services by setting- up payroll file for direct employees and outsourced contract staff
  • Full compliance with Singapore HR payroll and employment laws and regulations
  • Arrange accurate payroll processing and salary disbursement to employees via bank giro transfer
  • Provide e-payslips for all employees using cloud-based payroll software
  • Provide detailed company payroll management reports
  • Prepare and submit ad-hoc statutory claims such as national service, maternity, childcare, etc, using payroll software
  • Submit yearly employee income declaration (Auto Inclusion Scheme) to IRAS
  • Make appropriate CPF and other statutory contributions including SDL and community- based contributions such as CDAC, MBMF, SINDA and ECF contribution
  • Apply, submit and process the application for appropriate government training grant available for your employee 
  • Management of attendance and leave

Let us help you stay competitive! Discover today how outsourcing your payroll can help your business run smoothly.

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