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To qualified as a BCA registered contractor, companies \ will have choose either 1 or more related Workhead out of the 7 major groups of registration heads before application. They are namely:

  • ConstructionWorkheads (CW)
  • Construction RelatedWorkheads (CR)
  • Mechanical & ElectricalWorkheads (ME)
  • MaintenanceWorkheads (MW)
  • Trade Heads (TR)
  • SupplyWorkheads (SY)
  • RegulatoryWorkheads (RW)

In Adept, we can assist construction companies who are non BCA registered contractor to register with BCA for the purpose of tendering construction related projects, MYE application and foreign workers hiring.

Should you have any queries related to BCA application, MYE application, foreign workers hiring, do feel free to contact us and we will be glad to serve you.