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Course                     : Ace the interview

Target Audience   : Career seekers

Duration                 : 1 Day (9am-5pm)

Course fee              : $400 excluding GST

Training Dates      : TBC (Min 12 to start class)


In today’s competitive world, organizations are no longer only looking for talents who can carry out the role and fit into the organization culture, rather they are looking for potential leaders of the organization for tomorrow. How do you show them you have what it takes? More companies are also adopting the competency-based interviewing approach to assess behaviours and attitudes. Understanding how it works and how it can bring out the best in you will definitely bring you a step closer to clinching your dream job


At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Explain what is competency
  • Explain what is competency-based interview and how it works
  • Identify the job requirements based on company information and job specifications
  • Identify the different types of competencies needed for the job
  • Conduct self-assessment and gather evidence of your own competency
  • Identify possible questions that may be asked during the interview using “STAR”
  • Prepare answers to questions and evidences that may be asked
  • Undergo a competency-based interview confidently