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如果您没有个人简历,可以填写以下模板将您的简历发给我们。另外,如果您已有准备好的简历,也可以直接发给我们的邮箱[email protected]。请耐心等待!我们一有合适的工作会第一时间联络你们。

If you do not have a resume, you can fill up the following template and deposit your profile with us. Alternatively, If you have a ready resume, you may also send it directly to [email protected]. Please be patient with us as only selected candidate will notified.

填写模板大概需要两分钟时间 Filling of the boxes below will require about 2 mins of your time.


请点击您有兴趣的职位 Please Choose Interested Job (*)需要填 (*) Required

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最高学历 Highest Qualification

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其他技术/证书 Other Skills/Cert:(如果有 if you have)


工作经验 Job Experience

(*) 有没有工作经验?Any job experience?

(*) 1.现在公司名 Current Company:

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(*) 1.职位 Job Position:

(*) 1.工作内容/做些什么 Job Description:

(*) 1.薪水 Salary:

(*) 1.离职原因 Reason resign:

2.之前公司名 Previous Company:

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2.结束日 (月-20XX) End Date (MM-20XX):

2.职位 Job Position:

2.工作内容/做些什么 Job Description:

2.薪水 Salary:

2.离职原因 Reason resign:

3.之前公司名 Previous Company:

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3.结束日 (月-20XX) End Date (MM-20XX):

3.职位 Job Position:

3.工作内容/做些什么 Job Description:

3.薪水 Salary:

3.离职原因 Reason resign:

个人简历/近照 Resume/Recent Photo (如果有 if you have)

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*祝您在求职过程中一切顺利。We wish you all the best in your job search.