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One out of three businesses pays a penalty for payroll matters

  • Errors or miscalculations for CPF contributions, FWL and SDL etc.
  • Late or no submission of IR8A/IR21 etc.
  • Penalty or warning from other statutory boards as you might not be aware of the updated regulations or procedures


Three out of five businesses outsource their payroll to an agency and why?

  • Misery to most HR and Business owner – avoid complexity and confusion
  • Time saving by focusing on core functions and removing non-core functions
  • A way to turn fixed payroll costs into variable costs
  • Employees are paid on time
  • Employee records are kept well-maintained


Payroll mistakes can be costly!


Keep your employees happy by ensuring accurate pay checks and punctuality in salaries disbursements. Our trusted payroll consultants will work hand in hand with you to ascertain that your employees are paid on time and the HR system is put in order. By eliminating problems such as accuracy on payroll matters or incurring non-compliance penalties, you can now focus on revenue-generating activities to boost your company’s growth.

Let us help you stay competitive! Discover today how outsourcing your payroll can help your business run smoothly.