At present, organizations are now shifting their focus towards describing competencies that are needed to perform well in the position with competency-based job description. Often, defining job profiles and developing competency-based job descriptions are considered a tedious task. However, a well written job description serves as a good guide in the process of hiring, orientation and performance evaluation.

This training program describes how job descriptions are formed, what they are used for and how competencies and competency-based job descriptions can be used in organizations. It includes examples of organizations that are using competencies in their human resources. This training program also provides information about how to establish a competency-based job description program and the benefits of using competencies in an organization.

The Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Introduction to Defining Job Profile
  • Definition of Competency
  • Dimensions of Competency
  • Types of Competency
  • Process of defining a Job Profile and developing a Competency-Based Job Description
  • Job Analysis Questionnaire
  • Writing Critical Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities as Behavioural Statements
  • Defining different types of competencies required for the job
  • Defining key performance indicators and standards
  • Uses of Competency-Based Job Descriptions for Competency-Based Human Resource Management

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