Why are recruitment agencies so popular in Singapore?

Why are recruitment agencies so popular in Singapore?


Remember the older days, where our parents would scan the newspapers when they were seeking for employment? At this day and age, we hardly do that anymore. We do everything online these days. But things has gotten much easier, as one can easily search for a job online. However, finding a job can still be a difficult task. Lucky for us, for both local and foreigner citizens, we have recruitment agencies to go to!

So what exactly does a recruitment agency do? A recruitment agency assists employers to secure the right candidates for a job role. Plenty of recruitment agencies on the market charge a small fee for these services to seek out ideal candidates but job seekers need not fork out any amount from their pocket

Why engage a Recruitment agency as a job applicant?

• For job seekers, recruitment agencies help to store submitted resumes in their databases and send them out to the potential employers

• Agents can help to craft out an appropriate resume for the job applicant

• Employees need not fret as they are able to connect with the agencies at their disposal and they are always willing to provide consultative advice

• It saves the employee’s time and effort, as recruitment agencies can easily scan through their client list and keep a look out for the right candidate for the job

• Recruitment agencies are efficient and quick, there are no long waits for feedbacks even in the case where the candidate has been unsuccessful to qualify during the interview process

• Agents are able to negotiate salary for the candidate to ensure that the candidate gets remunerated fairly

Why choose a Recruitment agency as an employer?

• The agency will look through filtered resumes that will fit the requirements and needs of the company, thus saving the employer’s time

• Recruitment agencies help to advertise job vacancies on their platforms that have a great reach

• Some recruitment agencies are able to help conduct interviews or tests on the candidate on behalf of the employer

• Some would provide free candidate replacement in the case where the previous employee is fired or leaves the company before probation period

Overall, an employment agency is there to serve you at your convenience. Bid farewell to stressing out over mass application sending. When you engage a recruitment agency, you can be assured that the agency will do the hard work for you. Despite all that, you will still have the option to reject positions you are not interested in and the agent will then offer you other options. Recruitment agencies also bring in new possibilities of jobs that you typically would have never considered. All in all, engaging the right recruitment agency in Singapore can really save you from a lot of hassle