Interview Tips

Top 10 Tips For Successful Interview. This is going to be a long script but if you could just spend at least 5 minutes going through it. You will see the rational for a successful interview. Going for an interview can be nerve-wracking – both for the job seeker and the person conducting the interview. Following are tips designed for job seekers to ease the stress through an interview. This will prepare you with the interviewing process and perhaps you’ll improve your chances for success.

 1)   Preparation before Interview - At least one day to research

Do a complete check of the Company’s market reputation, history & achievements.
Identify the company positioning in the market and understand the requirements of the job scope offered.
All papers should be properly arranged in a folder: CV / Resume, certificates, references, a recent photo and projects if any.
Reconfirm the interview venue. It is better to know venue location earlier such as distance and mode of transport. An important thing is that you plan what you are going to say. Such as your past work experience, your education, strength, knowledge of the job and your ability to excel in the job.

 2)   Actual Interview Day  

Reach the venue a minimum of 15-30 minutes prior to start of the interview.
Get acquainted with the interview atmosphere and soak the ambience.
Extra baggage should be avoided
Upon reaching there, tell the concerned authorities of your being present.

 3)   Waiting Hall Behavior  

Decorum should be maintained
Mingle with others as this help you relax
Avoid smoking or eating before the interview so to keep your breath clean
Cell phones or any devices should be either switched off or turn to silent mode.

 4)   Reasons for Candidates Failing An Interview  

Poor grooming, manners, diction and vague responses are some reasons for failing an interview and should be avoided at all cost.
Discourteous and lean body language
Monetary benefits-centric approach
Being late for an interview shows you are not serious about the job itself
Unappealing resume
Poor behavior creates a very bad impression.

 5)  Some Behavioral "Unfavorable" Aspects  

Having a cynical or negative attitude.
Not exuding confidence & enthusiasm
Not taking responsibilities of mistakes you committed.
Self-justification, aggressiveness
Appearing to be dumb found by questions or over reacting to questions
Not being able to show some amount of sense of humor
Complaining about various things and previous employers
Not keen to start from slightly lower level job position

 6)   While Entering The Interview Hall  

Do not show arrogance upon entering but enter confidently
Close the door gently
Greet the interviewers warmly and shake their hands only if they offer to do so.
The trick to any interview is to smile throughout the interview. REMEMBER! First impression always last.

 7)  During The Eye Interview  

Show that you are willing to work and give them a couple of good examples of your accomplishments or task that you successfully handled on past jobs.
Show that you are a flexible person willing to work in a new environment and are very adaptive to changes.
Do not forget to tell the interviewers what you would like to do for their company and would be willing to walk that extra mile to achieve the Company’s goals.
Demonstrate that you are willing to learn at your new job also tell them about any on job training you received at your previous jobs and how you fared after such training’s.
Let the interviewer start with the questions
Do not mind taking time to frame your answer in your mind before answering, be honest with your answers and you must exude confidence in all your answers.

 8)   End Of The Interview  

Sum up in a couple sentences why think you suitable for this job by stating your strengths and experience.
If you haven't been asked about a particular subject that you feel is amongst your strong points and will help you secure this job then do make a point to mention it. Also highlight it by the way of an accomplishment.
At the end if you want the job let them know strongly about it.
Enquire about when the position will be filled.
Do ask them if there will be another round of interviews

 9)   Follow Up  

Send the thanking letter to the company the same day
Specify in the letter the point that was discussed
Thank the Placement Agency, if any
Thank your network source, if any

 10)  In Case Of Stress Interviews  

Do not get upset under any circumstance
Do not make it evident to them
No matter what show that you are open to their views
Make it a point to smile
Do not argue, look for the moment to put across your views with proper justification

Always remember to "SMILE" and Good Luck for your Interview!!