Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC - Labor)

The Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (“the EICC code”) was created by the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition and released in 2004. The EICC Code provides guidelines on social, environmental, and ethical aspects to the global electronics supply chain in order to:

  • Enhance efficiency and productivity of procurement process.
  • Acknowledge the necessity of ensuring basic working condition for individuals.
  • Encourage greater economic development and a healthier environment for local communities.
  • Develop better communication and business continuity throughout the electronics industry.

The EICC code aims to illustrate these general missions into a series of standardized targets, which can be applied in a more practical and effective way to the unique industry of electronics.

Subject Issues Descriptions on Labor

Freely Chosen Employment Forbid using forced, bonded, indentured or involuntary prison labor
Child Labor Avoidance Prohibit child labor to work in any stage of manufacturing
Working Hours  Allow at least 1 day off per 7-day week and not more than 60 hours per week
Wages and Benefits Comply with all applicable wage laws
Humane Treatment Communicate disciplinary policies/procedures clearly to workers and avoid harsh or inhumane treatment
Non-Discrimination Prevent harassment and unlawful discrimination
Freedom of Association Introduce open communication and engagement between workers and management