Adept Business Support

Adept's Business Support team deliver end-to-end recruitment solutions across a wide variety of business support roles such accounting, administrative, communications, customer service, human resources, logistics, marketing and public sector

For us, the recruitment process does not just entails flicking through candidates’ CVs. Whichever your industry, be it an entry level or managerial position, our objective is to minimise your hiring risk, save you time and get to know your business better. We make the efforts to understand the skill sets and experience that drive your workforce to success.

We are always seeking to improve and innovate our consultancy standards. We value an open and honest communication with you. In our industry where there is a generally low expectation of the services provided, we dared ourselves to be different by challenging and pushing the boundaries of our profession to move forward. Rather than just being a supplier, we wish to be an extension of your company’s brand. We will be your brand ambassadors by best conveying your brand story in our customised recruitment process to attract the best talents,

Many clients feel assured with us because they know that we will help them to identify the best candidates for their job vacancies while they concentrate on running their businesses. Our consultants will manage the entire search and selection process; matching the role to a group of qualified candidates who were meticulously selected. We know that mistakes during the selection process can be very costly. Therefore, there will be a close and regular communication during the process which is specifically customised according to your needs. Using skills and psychometric testing, structured behavioral interviewing, reference checking and other specific recruitment tools, we ensure that only the suitable ones will be available for you.